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For the Best Integrated Advisor Desktop, Start with a Wealth Management Specific Product

The Best Advisor Experience Starts With a Model

How many business leaders want to talk about technology when all that matters is understanding how it will drive growth, save money, improve operations or address a specific key metric? The answer is likely few to none. And it's a reasonable position to take, after all, why would anyone spend money if they don't believe there is a return on that investment regardless of how innovative the technology? Does understanding the mechanics of how a product works to drive ROI even matter? In most cases, the answer is no. There are times, however, when a technical approach is different enough that not appreciating it might lead to the wrong decision. We have written many blogs recently that address the business benefits of an Integrated Advisor Desktop, from the functional components including a client dashboard, advisor dashboard, customer engagement dashboard to application integration and data integration. What brings the whole thing together though, the engine that drives the value of the functional areas and even the integration, is the model.

From day one NexJ has been focusing on transforming how the financial services industry builds trusted and lasting customer relationships. We took aim specifically at the wealth management, private banking, commercial banking and corporate banking markets and built products specifically oriented to those vertical markets. As a result, unlike vendors that have taken a horizontal approach to their product, our model has been developed to support concepts like households, spheres of influence and coverage teams and, equally importantly, contains the fields that are required to present data from third party systems like portfolio management, financial planning and proposal tools.  The end results is an IAD designed specifically for your firm that helps advisors to better understand their customers, collaborate across departments and ultimately better service the customer. 

In essence, the Wealth Management Model collects data from front, middle and back-office systems, organizes it into a client-centric structure and renders it in the IAD through a set of dashboards and analytics. 


NexJ's Wealth Management Model is designed to meet the needs of wealth management firms.  It already contains many of the fields required to build a complete understanding of the client and household.  Occasionally, firms will have unique data fields.  These are easy to add to the model and will then be accessible to the dashboards, analytics and reporting. In addition, we feed the data from the model into AI systems to further enhance the model with recommended actions, personalized news, and insights into client interests, product opportunities and life events 

Designed for Wealth Management

Not only does the Wealth Management Model make integration with client centric data sources simpler, it also allows for easier integration with existing CRM systems or Onboarding systems. Systems that need data can get it from the Model without worrying about which system it came from and how it was integrated.  As a firm evolves their infrastructure, back-office systems can be replaced but the applications that consume the data won't need to make any changes.

Top firms like Wells Fargo Advisors and Credit Suisse have used our IAD and Wealth Management Model to create superior advisor experiences.  In fact, RBC Wealth Management uses their IAD as a recruiting tool for new advisors.  This is no surprise because RBC's own advisors ranked them top for "Technology tools & advisors desktop" and also the highest Net Promoter Score.

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