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Here’s Why An Integrated Workstation Is More Important Than Ever

The definition of value has evolved over the past few months for financial services firms as well as their customers.

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When It Comes To CRM, User Adoption Is Always A Challenge. Here's How One Of Our Biggest Clients Pulled It Off

You may have the best possible CRM solution on the market, a deep vertical award-winning software geared to meet your every need. What you will always struggle with is poor user 

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If Your CRM Doesn't Take Integration Seriously, How Can It Offer Seamless Access To All Data?

Working with data is always tricky because there's so much that can go wrong so quickly. Any CRM solution that claims to do its job well has to deal not just with data duplication or conflicts, but with third-party applications, back-office systems that don't talk to each other, external systems and a seemingly unlimited number of integration points. 

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If You Want Your CRM To Fail, Just Make Integration An Afterthought

Here's an interesting piece of information that got lost in the hype surrounding Salesforce's biggest deal ever. Apparently, the acquisition of MuleSoft in March for $6.5 billion was met with skepticism by senior management, until they were gently informed by a financial services firm of the importance of connecting data that is stored in disparate systems.

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CRM Adoption Starts with Integration

For a person to use something, they almost always have to believe they have something to gain. For a CRM system, that means that a person should get more information out than they put in. After all, if all you have access to is the information you entered, what’s the point?

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The European Market Braces for New Regulations

The financial services industry in Europe is undergoing massive regulatory change of late, perhaps more so than anywhere in the world. They’re not alone in feeling regulatory pressure, of course. Firms around the globe have been dealing with the impact of the last decade’s economic recession and financial crises, in the form of complicated, overlapping, and ever-changing regulations.

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