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5 Things Not Working with Today’s Wealth Management CRM

There are a lot of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions out there, including many by large and well-known companies, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find a solution that works for wealth management firms and the advisors working with them. In our experience, the opposite is true – when we talk with potential clients who are interested in the NexJ Integrated Advisor Desktop (IAD), what we hear is a lot about what doesn’t work for them.

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IBM and NexJ: A winning combination for firms like yours

At NexJ, we have always believed that wealth management firms need wealth management-specific client engagement tools.  More and more vendors have seen the light and are now providing vertical solutions, including IBM who released the IBM Cloud for Financial Services in 2021.  Not only has IBM validated our strategic objective for financial services solutions but they have also validated that our products meet the rigorous compliance and security requirements of the financial services industry.
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Practical AI for Improved Client Engagement

The acronym AI needs almost no explanation. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily activities, and it's safe to say we interact with AI several times a day without knowing it.
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Five Ways to Boost Your Advisor Productivity

Until advisors can clone themselves, the only path to growth for them – and the firms for which they work – is to get more done in the same amount of time. Technology is part of the answer, but how that technology is applied is even more important.

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Wealth Management Features in a Wealth Management Cloud

Cloud computing offers many benefits such as reducing the operational burden of running and maintaining hardware and software, shifting costs from capital expenditures to operating expenditures and enabling your team to focus on innovation. But are your cloud initiatives benefitting from the advantages of a cloud built for financial services?
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How an integrated advisor desktop transforms client lifecycle management (CLM)

How do we define CLM?

Client lifecycle management can mean different things to different people. For instance, there is often a tendency to focus on onboarding as the starting point or that servicing an individual as a client is the goal. The reality, from our perspective, is that CLM is everything from first contact with a potential client, through prospecting, onboarding, servicing and offboarding (although hopefully not the last step if you’ve got it right!). Acquiring a name and phone number to initiate a process that will result in the successful onboarding of new clients leads directly to the mandatory practice of meeting compliance requirements such as KYC reviews and loyalty programs that ensure clients are delighted with their experience and hopefully allow you to gain a greater share of wallet.  

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Get to Know NexJ’s Andrew Cant, Vice President of Financial Services Solutions

In the latest in our series of NexJ employee profiles, we are pleased to introduce Andrew Cant, Vice President for Financial Services Solutions. Below, Andrew shares some insights into his role leading R&D efforts and fostering a culture of innovation, what gets him excited about the future of integrated advisor desktops, and his passion for protecting our coastlines from coastal erosion.

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The Problem with Orion’s Integration Strategy

In our recent blog article on Orion’s acquisition of Redtail, we called out some potential issues with the “most-in-one” technology suite that the combined firm claims to be pursuing, and the limitations that could place on advisors and wealth management firms. has also published an article about Orion’s acquisition strategy, highlighting its shift from acquisitions to the integration of the platforms it has acquired over the past several years.

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8 Reasons Why Wealth Managers Should Choose a Vertical Cloud

In recent years, software has predominantly been made available as a service on the “cloud”. Unfortunately, the cloud infrastructure to date has been “horizontal” or not reflective of the unique infrastructure requirements of a specific industry. We are at an inflection point, however, where this is changing and vertical clouds are being made available. As a result you should be asking yourself, do you choose a “horizontal” cloud that is built for a wide variety of industries or a “vertical” cloud that is designed for your specific industry?

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Get to Know NexJ’s Jelena Duma: Sr. Director of Enterprise Architecture

At NexJ, we are enormously proud of the talent and dedication of our 100+ employees. They are the heart of NexJ and our most valued asset. We are pleased to introduce Jelena Duma, Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture. Below, Jelena shares a bit about her role at NexJ, why she’s excited about the future, and how playing drums in a rock band is the ideal way to relax after a hard day’s work:

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Client Focused Reforms and the Impacts on Your Firm

With the implementation of the final half of the CSA's Client-Focused Reforms on December 31, 2021, the wealth advisory industry has had to shift dramatically to adapt. Many requirements further constrain agents' time that could be used to build their books of business. Your advisors now need access to and provide much more information about investment products. "Know your product" and "know your client" require strict adherence from advisors to protect their careers and the interests and earnings of your firm.
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Dial Up Client Engagement to Succeed in Volatile Markets

It’s easy to imagine yourself to be quite the sailor when the sun is shining and the sea is calm – but when a storm blows in, many people who thought they could handle their own ship will decide maybe hiring a captain isn’t such a bad idea.
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