IBM and NexJ: A winning combination for firms like yours

At NexJ, we have always believed that wealth management firms need wealth management-specific client engagement tools.  More and more vendors have seen the light and are now providing vertical solutions, including IBM who released the IBM Cloud for Financial Services in 2021.  Not only has IBM validated our strategic objective for financial services solutions but they have also validated that our products meet the rigorous compliance and security requirements of the financial services industry.
Reflecting on the origins of our partnership with #IBM that date back several years, we could not be more pleased with the journey we have traveled together to attain the combined value proposition that we now offer to our clients. In the beginning we found the approach IBM had adopted to building out their cloud was most aligned with what our clients required. Prioritizing data security and taking a strong position on critical concerns such as data residency were primary reasons we chose to run our software on the IBM Cloud. From the first day, it was clear that ensuring compliance in a highly regulated industry such as wealth management was of paramount importance and completely in sync with the fundamental principles that form NexJ’s foundation.
We also understood it would be unlikely that all the systems we would integrate to for a client would be in the cloud. In fact, many systems would likely still be on-premises. Understanding that the IBM Cloud Satellite offered the hybrid architecture to facilitate this gave us even further confidence we could provide our clients with the most evolved Integrated Advisor Desktop on the market.
NexJ and IBM together enable the perfect hosted front office solution: NexJ's financial services specific capabilities running on a financial services specific infrastructure.  Specifically, IBM enables firms like yours to:


Accelerate your ability to maximize value
By following IBM's well-defined, yet flexible garage methodology, you will receive an actionable roadmap across a holistic model with measurable targets to ensure your business will thrive while on their cloud journey and transformation. 
The IBM Garage Method is IBM's approach to enable business, development, and operations to continuously design, deliver and validate new, move or transform existing applications. The practices, architectures and toolchains cover the entire product lifecycle from inception through capturing and responding to customer feedback and market changes.
IBM's ecosystem of approved partners helps to further accelerate your project with reliable vendors.
Reduce overhead while staying flexible.
When firms need solutions that are designed to enterprise standards, they turn to Red Hat. IBM has built a Kubernetes experience designed to reduce the operational overhead so you can start deploying quickly.  Red Hat has the expertise you need behind your container platform. From that expertise has come the perspective of how to enhance the power of Kubernetes with additional capabilities from the open source community. 
Manage data with confidence
As we advanced our cloud solution, we continued to put an emphasis on how our application would best be deployed for our clients to protect their data. To that end it was imperative that we could offer a single-tenant solution, avoiding the potential of co-mingling data. In addition, IBM includes PostgreSQL as a service to manage point-in-time backups, read replicas, logging, monitoring, scaling, hardware setup and software patching. The service includes advanced security features like FIPS-140 cryptographic encryption and IBM Key Protect.
Create Hybrid Environments
With IBM Cloud Satellite®, you can use your own compute infrastructure that is in your on-premises data center, other cloud providers, or edge networks to create a Satellite location. From a single pane of glass, you can manage workloads that run across the infrastructure from your Satellite locations.