Practical AI for Improved Client Engagement

The acronym AI needs almost no explanation. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily activities, and it's safe to say we interact with AI several times a day without knowing it.
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Client Focused Reforms and the Impacts on Your Firm

With the implementation of the final half of the CSA's Client-Focused Reforms on December 31, 2021, the wealth advisory industry has had to shift dramatically to adapt. Many requirements further constrain agents' time that could be used to build their books of business. Your advisors now need access to and provide much more information about investment products. "Know your product" and "know your client" require strict adherence from advisors to protect their careers and the interests and earnings of your firm.
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Dial Up Client Engagement to Succeed in Volatile Markets

It’s easy to imagine yourself to be quite the sailor when the sun is shining and the sea is calm – but when a storm blows in, many people who thought they could handle their own ship will decide maybe hiring a captain isn’t such a bad idea.
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