Capturing ‘Money in Motion’: How AI Can Power Next Best Actions

“Money in motion.” It’s a phrase many advisors are familiar with. However, to capture that money is easier said than done.

Not only must advisors be clued into money in motion events, such as a client getting married (or divorced), having a child, inheriting money, selling a business, or changing careers or getting promoted, but they must be able to access that intelligence in real time with actionable ways to capitalize on the opportunities presented.

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Beyond the Buzzword: How ‘Enhanced Client Engagement’ Drives Advisor Success Today

Wealth managers have talked about “personalization” and “client-centricity” for years. But is that actually how clients feel about the service they receive, or does it sound to them like more marketing speak?

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Practical AI for Wealth Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) in wealth management is no longer a cutting-edge technology. Many firms now claim to leverage AI within their CRM systems. However, despite its broad adoption, the targeted application of AI toward very specific advisor needs remains a lofty, unrealized goal for too many wealth managers. In other words, AI needs to be practical and solve specific problems for it to drive efficiency and enhance the client experience.

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Meeting the Moment: Wealth Management CRM Market Overview

The wealth management industry has undergone a tremendous level of change in the past two years, driven by COVID-related forces, changing consumer expectations, and technological advances. The customer relationship management (CRM) market for wealth management is fighting to stay abreast of these trends and deliver the kinds of useful insights and time-saving efficiency advisors need to succeed. 

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True Wealth Management CRM Has These Things in Common  

CRM is a bit of a catch-all term these days. Originally, meant as a way of centralizing all of your relationship interactions with your client. As technology and the industry advanced so did the buzzwords and trends. Add the evolution of vertical industry-specific CRM and you have an umbrella of terms and features that obscures what a CRM, let alone a CRM built for Wealth Management is. So, what exactly makes a Wealth Management focused CRM? 

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Wealth Management Specific CRM Is Important. Why Aren’t Other Vendors Delivering?

In July, Celent awarded NexJ the highest Advanced Technology score among all the wealth management CRM platforms they evaluated for their 2021 report. This was not the first time NexJ has been acknowledged for its superior technology – Aite-Novarica Group also recently recognized NexJ as best in class.  We are grateful for this acknowledgment, which further explains why leading wealth mangers including UBS, Wells Fargo, and RBC selected NexJ to be the core of their advisor desktop.   

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Improve Engagement with Automated Personalized Content

Communication is key when it comes to building a relationship between wealth managers and clients, but how do you keep a consistent approach?

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CRM Is Key to True Hyper-Personalization

Customer expectations have changed across businesses and sectors, with customers now expecting the same kind of engagement from financial institutions that they do with other products or services. More and more wealth management firms are beginning to recognize that the ability to understand a customer better, based upon an understanding of individual likes and dislikes, enables them to offer solutions tailor-made for specific needs. This leads to product differentiation, deeper client engagement and, ultimately, customer loyalty.

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Successful Advisors Service the Household, Not the Individual. Here’s How We Help.

Wealth management is all about trust. It is about giving an advisor control of your financial health and security and depending upon that advisor to make or recommend decisions that help you meet your financial goals. When we, as CRM vendors, focus on features that give our products an edge, we always focus on how specific features can help advisors build more trust. This is what makes relationship hierarchies so important.

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NexJ’s Integrated Advisor Desktop Is Key to RBC's Success

Recently, Investment Executive (IE) released their 2020 Brokerage Report Card in which RBC had the highest net promoter score of all the large bank-owned investment firms.  IE creates the report card by surveying advisors from each firm.  Why did RBC score so well? Because they provide the best tools to help advisors focus on client engagement and deal with rapidly changing regulations. In 2020, RBC scored the highest in the "Technology tools & advisors desktop" category.  They also scored highest for support in dealing with changing regulations.

It starts with an integrated advisor experience

RBC is one of the world’s ten largest wealth managers, serving clients with a full suite of banking, investment, trust, and other wealth management solutions.  In 2011, they were seeking a best-of-breed integrated desktop for their Wealth Management operations, one that would enable them to attract and retain top talent. The solution needed to increase advisor productivity; deliver a comprehensive view of clients and households; enable best practices across the organization; and drive user adoption. It needed to integrate to existing financial accounts, portfolio management, entitlements, telephony, email, calendar solutions, account opening systems, and security systems.  They chose NexJ's Integrated Advisor Desktop and have continued on a 10-year journey, focusing on advisor needs and making continual improvements.

NexJ is a strategic partner for RBC

RBC chose NexJ to join them on this journey not only because of our deep domain experience in wealth management, our vertical-specific capabilities, or the technology that allows firms to integrate with any system,but because we engage with our customers as a strategic partner.  This was critical to RBC because of their strong strategic focus on their advisor's success.  They needed a partner, and not just a vendor, to feel their pain and share in their success.

The proof of RBC's strategic focus on advisors is in the numbers; their advisors ranked them the highest in the IE Report Card for strategic focus of all the large banked-owned investment firms.

Wirehouses also use NexJ to support their strategic initiatives

RBC isn't the only firm that relies on NexJ to help keep a strategic focus on advisors.  Aite also discovered that advisors at wirehouses are twice as likely as any other segment of the market to say that their CRM exceeds their expectations. The reason for this is integration into workflow as part of the advisor desktop. Three of the four wirehouses chose NexJ to be the heart of their advisor experience: UBS, Wells Fargo, and Morgan Stanley.

Successful firms understand the value of a strategic focus on advisors, which begins with an integrated advisor experience.  To learn more, check out this presentation in which Matt Bogart, Vice President of Marketing for NexJ Systems, explains how to create a successful advisor workstation.

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Forget Happiness; Success Is the Key to Keeping Your Customers.

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." – Henry Ford

You’ll often hear the adage “You’re the team that has to make customers happy” when you’re a part of the customer experience department. While keeping happy customers is obviously a goal, this is not how we would describe the role of the department. A focus on an abstract sentiment like “happiness” deflects attention from the more crucial challenge for a Customer Success Manager – making sure customers stay customers.

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Leaders in the Field: NexJ Receives XCelent Award for Technology

To deliver optimal value to our customers, NexJ leverages our vast experience in deploying our software at the most recognized financial services firms in the world, our strict focus on addressing the specific business needs of the sub-vertical markets within financial services and our fervent passion for innovation. But as a vendor of technology in a very competitive market, we cannot rest on our laurels…

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