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The Problem with Orion’s Integration Strategy

In our recent blog article on Orion’s acquisition of Redtail, we called out some potential issues with the “most-in-one” technology suite that the combined firm claims to be pursuing, and the limitations that could place on advisors and wealth management firms. has also published an article about Orion’s acquisition strategy, highlighting its shift from acquisitions to the integration of the platforms it has acquired over the past several years.

According to Orion CEO Eric Clarke, the company plans to focus on bringing the components of its various acquisitions together into one unified and “highly integrated” user experience.

However, that integration strategy reaffirms what we postulated in our recent blog post, which is that forcing multiple technologies together under one corporate platform, sometimes referred to as an “all-in-one” user experience, can tie the hands of advisors and the firms they work for.

At NexJ, we believe that theall-in-one” approach hinders the ability of wealth management firms to utilize best-of-breed technologies, such as our Integrated Advisor Desktop. Flexibility is key in the constantly evolving wealth management space. Clients expect real-time access to best-in-class technology solutions. That requires the ability to quickly source and integrate the best solutions, regardless of the firm offering them, which is contrary to what the Orion integration strategy is suggesting.

Another potential hiccup in the Orion / Redtail union is Redtail’s stated desire to pursue larger wealth management clients going forward. That could prove problematic as Orion has traditionally focused on smaller firms, which often have very different needs and expectations when it comes to CRM solutions. Therefore, a myopic focus on integration likely won’t allow Orion to build the functionality needed to allow them to go up market.

Alternatively, NexJ’s Integrated Advisor Desktop offering allows our clients to build their tech stacks in a more evolutionary fashion. They enjoy the freedom and flexibility to choose the tools that best fit their business needs at any given time, including existing assets that are familiar and working well. We firmly believe this is integration done right and allows our clients to present a truly unique and differentiated offering to advisors and clients alike.


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