Improving the Advisor Experience: A Conversation With the Rudin Group, Celent, and NexJ Systems

We were lucky enough to sit down with April Rudin, Founder and President of The Rudin Group, Aawad Aamir, Analyst with Celent, and Andrew Cant, VP of Financial Services Solutions at NexJ Systems, about what truly improves the advisor experience. Throughout our conversation, we discussed the future of advisor efficiency, the current state of next best action, and how firms can implement tools to help advisors be at the top of their game.

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How Integrated CRM Platforms Elevate Wealth Management Marketing

The wealth management industry has always been competitive. With the advent of robo-advisors, retail investor apps and financial firms of all stripes entering the fray, each promising potential clients more of what they want, how can an advisor stand above the crowd and attract the right kind of clients?

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Meeting the Moment: Wealth Management CRM Market Overview

The wealth management industry has undergone a tremendous level of change in the past two years, driven by COVID-related forces, changing consumer expectations, and technological advances. The customer relationship management (CRM) market for wealth management is fighting to stay abreast of these trends and deliver the kinds of useful insights and time-saving efficiency advisors need to succeed. 

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True Wealth Management CRM Has These Things in Common  

CRM is a bit of a catch-all term these days. Originally, meant as a way of centralizing all of your relationship interactions with your client. As technology and the industry advanced so did the buzzwords and trends. Add the evolution of vertical industry-specific CRM and you have an umbrella of terms and features that obscures what a CRM, let alone a CRM built for Wealth Management is. So, what exactly makes a Wealth Management focused CRM? 

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Wealth Management Specific CRM Is Important. Why Aren’t Other Vendors Delivering?

In July, Celent awarded NexJ the highest Advanced Technology score among all the wealth management CRM platforms they evaluated for their 2021 report. This was not the first time NexJ has been acknowledged for its superior technology – Aite-Novarica Group also recently recognized NexJ as best in class.  We are grateful for this acknowledgment, which further explains why leading wealth mangers including UBS, Wells Fargo, and RBC selected NexJ to be the core of their advisor desktop.   

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Successful Advisors Service the Household, Not the Individual. Here’s How We Help.

Wealth management is all about trust. It is about giving an advisor control of your financial health and security and depending upon that advisor to make or recommend decisions that help you meet your financial goals. When we, as CRM vendors, focus on features that give our products an edge, we always focus on how specific features can help advisors build more trust. This is what makes relationship hierarchies so important.

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Leaders in the Field: NexJ Receives XCelent Award for Technology

To deliver optimal value to our customers, NexJ leverages our vast experience in deploying our software at the most recognized financial services firms in the world, our strict focus on addressing the specific business needs of the sub-vertical markets within financial services and our fervent passion for innovation. But as a vendor of technology in a very competitive market, we cannot rest on our laurels…

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Hyper-Personalization Is Key to a Firm’s Success. Here’s How We Make It an Effortless Experience.

Many firms claim they offer a “Netflix” like approach to their clients, but do they have the tools in place to create a seamlessly personalized experience?

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NexJ Is The Only CRM On IBM Cloud For Financial Services. Here’s What That Means.

In 2019, NexJ chose the IBM Cloud to host its CRM and Nudge-AI products. Soon after, in July 2020, we became a founding partner on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services.

There are several reasons why this partnership makes for a strong value proposition, starting with the fact that financial services firms stand at the threshold of a post-pandemic world. They face challenges that can be better addressed by a vertical-specific product, coupled with a cloud offering designed to address requirements ranging from regulatory compliance and security to resiliency.

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Don’t use the same CRM they use for Hospitality! Use Financial Services CRM.

Amp your adoption rate with the right vertical-specific CRM

“Vertical CRM will be the preferred CRM Choice in the next three years”1

-Kate Leggett

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Using An Obsolete CRM Can Be Damaging To Your Firm In More Ways Than One

In the anatomy of a financial services organization, software is the circulatory system. It picks up the data in the brain, or database, and delivers it to where it's needed. It connects all the parts of the body together and ensures the body is working well as a single entity.

So, when a system stops receiving support or development, it affects the health of the entire company. It can become expensive to maintain, difficult to upgrade, or so obsolete it risks pulling the company behind the competition. When people can’t or aren’t using the system, or when the system isn’t able to provide the functionality that’s needed, the organization must replace it.

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We Took On Some The World’s Biggest CRM Vendors. Guess What We Won?

It seemed like the perfect dare to end 2020 with: Take on some of the world's leading CRM and CX tech providers in a battle that had nothing to do with what we usually do best.

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