NexJ Is The Only CRM On IBM Cloud For Financial Services. Here’s What That Means.

In 2019, NexJ chose the IBM Cloud to host its CRM and Nudge-AI products. Soon after, in July 2020, we became a founding partner on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services.

There are several reasons why this partnership makes for a strong value proposition, starting with the fact that financial services firms stand at the threshold of a post-pandemic world. They face challenges that can be better addressed by a vertical-specific product, coupled with a cloud offering designed to address requirements ranging from regulatory compliance and security to resiliency.

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Don’t use the same CRM they use for Hospitality! Use Financial Services CRM.

Amp your adoption rate with the right vertical-specific CRM

“Vertical CRM will be the preferred CRM Choice in the next three years”1

-Kate Leggett

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Using An Obsolete CRM Can Be Damaging To Your Firm In More Ways Than One

In the anatomy of a financial services organization, software is the circulatory system. It picks up the data in the brain, or database, and delivers it to where it's needed. It connects all the parts of the body together and ensures the body is working well as a single entity.

So, when a system stops receiving support or development, it affects the health of the entire company. It can become expensive to maintain, difficult to upgrade, or so obsolete it risks pulling the company behind the competition. When people can’t or aren’t using the system, or when the system isn’t able to provide the functionality that’s needed, the organization must replace it.

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We Took On Some The World’s Biggest CRM Vendors. Guess What We Won?

It seemed like the perfect dare to end 2020 with: Take on some of the world's leading CRM and CX tech providers in a battle that had nothing to do with what we usually do best.

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CRM Can Address Challenges Faced By Advisors In A Post-Pandemic World. Here’s How

Advisors in financial services firms work with more and more data over time.

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Here’s Why A Proof Of Concept Can Increase The Chances Of Your Project’s Success

In a post-pandemic world that frowns upon unnecessary risk-taking, the question all firms should be asking is: Can an RFP ever be enough?

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For Financial Services Firms Interested In Hyper-Personalization, CRM Is Always The Key

It is based upon the fact that customer expectations have changed across businesses and sectors, with customers now expecting the same kind of engagement from financial institutions that they do with other products or services.

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20 Years After Its Formation, Salesforce Finally Wants To Understand Customers Better

Salesforce, for example, always manages to make us smile. Last year, the question posed by its co-CEO after his company acquired MuleSoft for $6.5 billion was: “…this is integration software, what does that have to do with CRM?”

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Here’s Why Our Early Access Program Can Feel Like Christmas Has Come Early This Year

I know the first question that pops into many people’s heads when they hear about programs such as these is: ‘Why not wait until we find out more before signing up?’ That’s a valid question but, when it involves a CRM product from an 

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Salesforce Customers Could Have Had A Better Week If They Had Picked A Private Cloud Solution

We saw the complaints online, read the messages on Twitter, checked out memes that circulated all weekend, and thought long and hard about the massive outage that affected a whole lot of Salesforce users. There were conflicting reports at first but, apparently, the deployment of a database script inadvertently gave users broader access than intended. This is a polite way of saying there were serious issues related to security that affected a lot of paying customers.

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If You Get Data Migration Wrong, How Will You Get Your CRM Right?

Data migration involves a change in storage and database or application, which is what makes it a potentially complicated process. This is why we, at NexJ Systems, adopt industry best practices while managing migrations from legacy systems, using our extensive tooling and significant experience with client data encompassing a varying degree of size and scope.

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Here’s How Artificial Intelligence Helps Our CRM Get Smarter, Faster And More Powerful

Today, firms have access to information at an unprecedented level and must contend with a highly regulated industry as well as the commodification of products and services. For a CRM solution like NexJ, this represents a challenge as well as a great deal of opportunity, because more information about a customer is a powerful tool when used effectively.

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