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Wealth Management Specific CRM Is Important. Why Aren’t Other Vendors Delivering?

In July, Celent awarded NexJ the highest Advanced Technology score among all the wealth management CRM platforms they evaluated for their 2021 report. This was not the first time NexJ has been acknowledged for its superior technology – Aite-Novarica Group also recently recognized NexJ as best in class.  We are grateful for this acknowledgment, which further explains why leading wealth mangers including UBS, Wells Fargo, and RBC selected NexJ to be the core of their advisor desktop.   

To gain this prestigious acknowledgment, NexJ beat some of the most prolific CRM vendors in the world, including the vendors with the largest CRM market share.  What continues to puzzle us, however, is the number of vendors who claim to be vertical specific yet are not confident enough to put their technology up for evaluation. For instance, of this list of 15 financial services CRM vendors only Salesforce and Junxure chose to participate.  Why didn't the others even attempt to put their hat in the ring?  Could it be because they don't have a deep vertical solution?  Could it be that their customers won't provide a good reference when asked anonymously?  Could it be that they just don't prioritize your industry and couldn't be bothered to spend the time? 

The answer doesn't really matter.  What matters is that your advisors engage their clients and build both loyalty and wealth.  At NexJ, we believe CRM is core to the advisor workstation because it becomes a central place to manage clients, encourages proactive engagement, personalizes service, and automate day-to-day tasks. Our products are built upon the premise that advisors need access to multiple applications' purpose built for wealth managers via a single, seamless interface. It is only through this that they can do their jobs effectively, offering their clients a superior level of service and engagement. Advisors need to feel they are getting more out of a system than they are putting in. When this happens, the value of a system to an advisor dramatically increases.  

Your advisors deserve wealth management specific applications. They deserve the best CRM technology for wealth management. 

To learn more about NexJ, you can review  Celent's report here. 


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