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Improve Engagement with Automated Personalized Content

Communication is key when it comes to building a relationship between wealth managers and clients, but how do you keep a consistent approach?

Industry experts have long maintained that content marketing is critical to an advisor’s client engagement strategy, and the pandemic has only reiterated the need for personalized content to create that personal rapport.

In 2020, Celent published a report on how satisfying investor knowledge gaps with high-quality content through regular curation and distribution could promote an advisor’s brand. The report by Awaad Amir explains why using personalization tools to distribute exclusive content is a powerful and smart strategy.

NexJ understands why wealth managers need solutions that allow advisors to engage clients more efficiently. The current climate is one of questions and doubts, coupled with the constant potential for unnecessary risk-taking. Now, more than ever, clients who can rely upon their advisors will be more likely to accept their advice, strengthening their relationship long after our current turbulent times. 

Go Beyond Deep Data

Nudge-AI, our suite of digital assistants, generates data-driven recommendations to help advisors improve client outcomes, automate tasks and processes, all in real-time. The aim is to use data and analytical insights to serve customers more insightfully. Our Inform assistant helps advisors engage with clients using content tailored to the client’s interests. It allows advisors to deliver superior, value-added, customer experiences throughout the client lifecycle.

We recently partnered with AdvisorStream, an award-winning platform that helps financial firms and advisors engage investors through timely, personalized, and compliant communications, to make Inform more powerful than before. The result is our first Intelligent Digital Assistant that marries deep data with engagement-focused marketing initiatives to help wealth managers communicate better.

What AdvisorStream offers is the largest investor-focused content library, including articles, videos and infographics that are updated daily.

How Inform Works

NexJ’s Inform leverages all information a firm has about a client such as demographic and transaction data to build a unique client interest profile. This is further enhanced using advanced AI, including Natural Language Processing, to analyze client or prospect interests sourced from interactions such as email and notes from the firm’s CRM system. Once these interests have been identified, Inform allows advisors to deliver content that is hyper-personalized to each recipient. It manages the unspoken expectations of clients and prospects in a cost-effective manner while helping advisors gain a deeper understanding of what makes their clients tick. 

Personalized Content Matters

There are several benefits associated with offering meaningful content. Inform takes this a step further, helping wealth managers improve the client experience through content with no cumbersome paywalls or annoying ads, saving valuable time by automating the selection of content. Client interests are matched to news from either wealth management-specific premium news feeds, over 15,000 publicly available news streams, or a firm’s own research.

All content is presented in a client-specific dashboard, and advisors can browse and send articles with a click. Inform selectively recommends exclusively licensed, highly trusted, fully FINRA, SEC, IIROC & FCA compliant content from industry-recognized sources for premium users.

Advisors can use Inform to maintain a regular cadence of communication with their entire book of business irrespective of how large it grows. It helps them build loyalty by enabling regular, proactive interactions with clients without the struggles of constantly finding relevant content.

Nudge-AI leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to make intelligent investment recommendations, suggest next best actions, share relevant information and analyze data for insights. 


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