Microsoft AppSource Adds NexJ Inform Solution

To better equip financial advisors to interact real-time with their wealth management clients, Microsoft AppSource is now offering NexJ’s Inform solution. Inform, a product in NexJ's Nudge-AI Suite, enables financial advisors to engage with their clients using news and content highly personalized to the client’s specific interests. NexJ uses a sophisticated AI engine to match client interests to news from wealth management-specific premium news feeds, including 15,000 publicly available news streams such as the Harvard Business Review and Barron’s, as well as a firm’s own research.

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Leaders in the Field: NexJ Receives XCelent Award for Technology

To deliver optimal value to our customers, NexJ leverages our vast experience in deploying our software at the most recognized financial services firms in the world, our strict focus on addressing the specific business needs of the sub-vertical markets within financial services and our fervent passion for innovation. But as a vendor of technology in a very competitive market, we cannot rest on our laurels…

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NexJ Is The Only CRM On IBM Cloud For Financial Services. Here’s What That Means.

In 2019, NexJ chose the IBM Cloud to host its CRM and Nudge-AI products. Soon after, in July 2020, we became a founding partner on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services.

There are several reasons why this partnership makes for a strong value proposition, starting with the fact that financial services firms stand at the threshold of a post-pandemic world. They face challenges that can be better addressed by a vertical-specific product, coupled with a cloud offering designed to address requirements ranging from regulatory compliance and security to resiliency.

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