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Microsoft AppSource Adds NexJ Inform Solution

To better equip financial advisors to interact real-time with their wealth management clients, Microsoft AppSource is now offering NexJ’s Inform solution. Inform, a product in NexJ's Nudge-AI Suite, enables financial advisors to engage with their clients using news and content highly personalized to the client’s specific interests. NexJ uses a sophisticated AI engine to match client interests to news from wealth management-specific premium news feeds, including 15,000 publicly available news streams such as the Harvard Business Review and Barron’s, as well as a firm’s own research.

Content is then presented in a client-specific dashboard, which allows advisors to browse content and send to clients with the click of a button. Premium content contains no paywalls or advertising and can be branded to the firm or the advisor.

NexJ Inform

  • Financial advisors are presented with a stream of content personalized to their client based on their client's interests

  • Relevant content is automatically detected, ranked and presented to advisors to share with their clients

  • Content can be from public news sources or financial services specific publishers

  • When content is sent to a client, the interaction is automatically stored in CRM

Inform recommends exclusively licensed, fully FINRA, SEC, IIROC and FCA-compliant content from industry recognized sources that allows advisors to maintain a regular cadence of communication with their entire book of business, no matter how large it grows.

“NexJ’s Inform product works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365, offering wealth management firms and financial advisors the ability to improve the client experience, save time and build loyalty,” said Andrew Cant, Vice President of Financial Solutions for NexJ.

Access NexJ’s Inform product on the Microsoft AppSource.

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