NexJ Is The Only CRM On IBM Cloud For Financial Services. Here’s What That Means.

In 2019, NexJ chose the IBM Cloud to host its CRM and Nudge-AI products. Soon after, in July 2020, we became a founding partner on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services.

There are several reasons why this partnership makes for a strong value proposition, starting with the fact that financial services firms stand at the threshold of a post-pandemic world. They face challenges that can be better addressed by a vertical-specific product, coupled with a cloud offering designed to address requirements ranging from regulatory compliance and security to resiliency.

Why Choose IBM Cloud for Financial Services?

Financial services firms require specific features for security, compliance, and resiliency, all of which are addressed by this offering designed to build trust and enable a transparent cloud ecosystem. IBM enables firms to confidently host their mission-critical applications in the cloud, then transact quickly and efficiently.

IBM Cloud for Financial Services offers a new generation of cloud for the enterprise, backed by an ecosystem of banks and more than 100 independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Software as a Service (SaaS) partners. This empowers financial firms to not just enable innovation, but deliver more personalized customer experiences, while simultaneously managing stringent industry regulations for sensitive data and complex workloads. Here’s what makes it so powerful:

Access to Expertise

IBM is a global leader in regulatory compliance consulting.

Better Security

Users get dashboards that strengthen security and compliance across workloads.

Wider Acceptance

Risks are reduced with pre-configured controls adhered to by the entire ecosystem.

IBM’s expanding ecosystem brings on board partners that can help financial services firms integrate offerings from third-party providers and modernize core applications to improve customer experience. This is where NexJ fits in.

The Only CRM on IBM Cloud for Financial Services

We partnered with IBM not only because of the respect they have earned as a global brand, but because we believe its ecosystem can bring innovative solutions to market, enhancing our clients’ offerings in several areas including customer experience, core banking applications and payments, risk and compliance management, cybersecurity, and financial reporting.

Rapid adoption has a direct impact on the value that can be generated by this partnership. When financial services firms and ecosystem partners work cohesively, they derive more value. Embracing the platform leads to accelerated value for all participants. Better management of sensitive data workloads also allows firms and solution providers to innovate securely at speed while reducing operational overheads.

IBM’s onboarding process supports a growing partner ecosystem that helps create a secure place for highly-regulated financial institutions to conduct business. For an award-winning CRM like NexJ, the synergies between our business model and this ready-made cloud platform are obvious. Here are some of the key benefits:

Assets under management grow: Advisors gain trust by better understanding client and household needs.

Personalized service gets better: Advisors can build deep, consultative relationships by reaching out to clients with the right interaction, at the right time.

Processes are optimized: Advisors can focus on what really matters, which is servicing and selling to clients, while meeting regulatory obligations.

Retaining and attracting talent becomes easier: Advisors can save time and make money by using an integrated desktop and automated workflows, seamlessly integrating information and tools.

We believe the values inherent to IBM Cloud for Financial Services can be leveraged to further reduce time to deploy and go live in production. Our customers can drastically reduce the time to value while meeting specific business requirements. The aim, as always, is to accelerate transactions and enhance revenue growth. For more details, get in touch with us today.

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