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How Integrated CRM Platforms Elevate Wealth Management Marketing

The wealth management industry has always been competitive. With the advent of robo-advisors, retail investor apps and financial firms of all stripes entering the fray, each promising potential clients more of what they want, how can an advisor stand above the crowd and attract the right kind of clients?

This is especially true in a post-pandemic world, when clients are hungry for financial insights to help them strengthen their financial position and accustomed to conducting research online, according to the financial industry research and technology advisor Celent in its 2021 XCelent Awards report evaluating wealth management CRM.

Advisors who want to remain relevant need to be where their clients and prospects already are. The best CRM solutions, Celent says, are “platforms with content aggregation and distribution capabilities are poised to take advantage of this critical need amongst advisors.”

Creating a digital content marketing plan from scratch is a specialized skill, but with an integrated CRM, the effort becomes turnkey. An integrated advisor desktop can cross-reference data from multiple sources, identifying themes likely to motivate prospects and clients, while simultaneously surfacing sharable content on those themes.

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From there, an advisor can deploy the content in a variety of ways for different purposes:

  • Targeted marketing: Placing paid, targeted social media posts linking to educational content to attract prospects who look like a good fit for an advisor’s business
  • Cross-selling and up-selling: Sharing content about strategies or products of interest with existing clients via email, text or other direct communications. This is especially effective when the sharing is motivated by a change in the client’s life – also identified and tracked by the platform – that makes the shared content particularly relevant
  • Branding and awareness: Sharing out through social networks to existing clients and followers to take advantage of sharing behaviors and reach their contacts

Built around a core of technology we developed specifically to help wealth managers, the NexJ AI suite includes the specialized Inform digital assistant designed to solve many of the digital content marketing challenges that face advisor. For existing clients, Inform helps surface meaningful content based on client behavior and next best actions, format it with branding of the firm and advisor, remove paywalls, and present the content on a client-specific dashboard.

Content surfaced can also help advisors and firms populate the other arms of their content marketing programs, such as prospecting or sharing on social media.

This capability is part of why Celent awarded NexJ the highest Advanced Technology score among the wealth management CRM platforms they evaluated in its report.

We invite you to download Celent's report here to learn more about the trends influencing wealth managers today, and the CRM solutions that can help them connect with clients and prospects in a more meaningful way.

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