How Your CRM Manages Relationship Hierarchy Can Define How Well You Know Your Customers

Don't capsize your client relationships with poor info!

Trying to tell corporate and investment bankers about the importance of understanding their customers is a lot like listing the benefits of butter to a pastry chef. They get it. They know it really, really well. And yet, considering we are in the business of Customer Relationship Management, I sometimes can’t help but question what this means.

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Wealth Management Advisors Should be Using CRM Designed for Wealth Management Advisors

Amp your adoption rate with the right vertical-specific CRM

 “Vertical CRM will be the preferred CRM Choice in the next three years”-Kate Leggett1

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Everyone Promises Increased Productivity. The Question Is, Can They Deliver?

Vendors Say The Darndest Things

Who doesn’t want their team to work faster? And not just faster, but better as well? It’s what we all want. That’s why ‘increasing productivity’ is a key driver behind many front-office system upgrades. It’s also the reason so many vendors promise productivity improvements. So, how do you sort out the empty promises from the legitimate ones? The simple answer: do your research. Ask questions, and demand proof.

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We Took On Some The World’s Biggest CRM Vendors. Guess What We Won?

It seemed like the perfect dare to end 2020 with: Take on some of the world's leading CRM and CX tech providers in a battle that had nothing to do with what we usually do best.

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Here’s Why Wealth Managers Have More Challenges To Deal With Than Ever Before

How secure are wealth managers today? This simple, yet interesting question, can yield different answers depending upon when it is asked.

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Personalized Content Helps Wealth Managers Drive Engagement. Here’s How We Make It Easier

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of communication when it comes to the relationship between wealth managers and clients.

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Here’s Why An Integrated Workstation Is More Important Than Ever

The definition of value has evolved over the past few months for financial services firms as well as their customers.

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CRM Can Address Challenges Faced By Advisors In A Post-Pandemic World. Here’s How

Advisors in financial services firms work with more and more data over time.

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Technical Communicators at NexJ Systems Foster A Symphony of Collaboration

Which five albums would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?

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Here’s Why A Proof Of Concept Can Increase The Chances Of Your Project’s Success

In a post-pandemic world that frowns upon unnecessary risk-taking, the question all firms should be asking is: Can an RFP ever be enough?

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Unusual Times Call For Solutions That Can Help Build Customer Trust

For those in Wealth Management, what has emerged is the acknowledgment that customer engagement is more critical than ever before. 

Advisors who understand their clients better, and then use this understanding to meet specific needs more effectively, are going to emerge from this unprecedented crisis in better shape than the rest.

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For Financial Services Firms Interested In Hyper-Personalization, CRM Is Always The Key

It is based upon the fact that customer expectations have changed across businesses and sectors, with customers now expecting the same kind of engagement from financial institutions that they do with other products or services.

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