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Here’s Why A Proof Of Concept Can Increase The Chances Of Your Project’s Success

In a post-pandemic world that frowns upon unnecessary risk-taking, the question all firms should be asking is: Can an RFP ever be enough?

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Unusual Times Call For Solutions That Can Help Build Customer Trust

For those in Wealth Management, what has emerged is the acknowledgment that customer engagement is more critical than ever before. 

Advisors who understand their clients better, and then use this understanding to meet specific needs more effectively, are going to emerge from this unprecedented crisis in better shape than the rest.

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For Financial Services Firms Interested In Hyper-Personalization, CRM Is Always The Key

It is based upon the fact that customer expectations have changed across businesses and sectors, with customers now expecting the same kind of engagement from financial institutions that they do with other products or services.

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NexJ Adopts a ‘Safety First’ Approach to Dealing with COVID-19


Our customers will continue to experience the same superior level of support they are accustomed to from our global support organization.

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Here’s How Leveraging Client Information Can Help You Become The Banker of Choice

Innovation and a global approach

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When It Comes To CRM, User Adoption Is Always A Challenge. Here's How One Of Our Biggest Clients Pulled It Off

You may have the best possible CRM solution on the market, a deep vertical award-winning software geared to meet your every need. What you will always struggle with is poor user 

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How Important Is A Concierge Service In Private Banking? An interview with Andrew Cant, VP, Financial Services Solutions

We put forth a few questions to Andrew Cant, our VP, Financial Services Solutions, about what some institutions call Concierge Service, others Platinum

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Want To Make An Important Client Feel Special? Let Our CRM Elevate Your Concierge Service

The private banking industry uses all sorts of labels, from Concierge Service and Platinum Service to High-End, Superior, Luxury or Premium Service, to describe something very elemental: The need for customers to feel special. We get that. 

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We Believe That If You Want Customers To Stay Customers, You Need To Make Them Successful!

As the leader of a Customer Experience/Customer Success department, you get a lot of 'You're the guy who has to make sure that are customers happy’. While I like the idea of happy customers (Who doesn’t?), this is not how I would describe the

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20 Years After Its Formation, Salesforce Finally Wants To Understand Customers Better

Salesforce, for example, always manages to make us smile. Last year, the question posed by its co-CEO after his company acquired MuleSoft for $6.5 billion was: “…this is integration software, what does that have to do with CRM?”

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Here’s Why Our Early Access Program Can Feel Like Christmas Has Come Early This Year

I know the first question that pops into many people’s heads when they hear about programs such as these is: ‘Why not wait until we find out more before signing up?’ That’s a valid question but, when it involves a CRM product from an 

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If You Get Data Migration Wrong, How Will You Get Your CRM Right?

Data migration involves a change in storage and database or application, which is what makes it a potentially complicated process. This is why we, at NexJ Systems, adopt industry best practices while managing migrations from legacy systems, using our extensive tooling and significant experience with client data encompassing a varying degree of size and scope.

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