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CRM Is Key to True Hyper-Personalization

Customer expectations have changed across businesses and sectors, with customers now expecting the same kind of engagement from financial institutions that they do with other products or services. More and more wealth management firms are beginning to recognize that the ability to understand a customer better, based upon an understanding of individual likes and dislikes, enables them to offer solutions tailor-made for specific needs. This leads to product differentiation, deeper client engagement and, ultimately, customer loyalty.

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Successful Advisors Service the Household, Not the Individual. Here’s How We Help.

Wealth management is all about trust. It is about giving an advisor control of your financial health and security and depending upon that advisor to make or recommend decisions that help you meet your financial goals. When we, as CRM vendors, focus on features that give our products an edge, we always focus on how specific features can help advisors build more trust. This is what makes relationship hierarchies so important.

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Forget Happiness; Success Is the Key to Keeping Your Customers.

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." – Henry Ford

You’ll often hear the adage “You’re the team that has to make customers happy” when you’re a part of the customer experience department. While keeping happy customers is obviously a goal, this is not how we would describe the role of the department. A focus on an abstract sentiment like “happiness” deflects attention from the more crucial challenge for a Customer Success Manager – making sure customers stay customers.

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Leaders in the Field: NexJ Receives XCelent Award for Technology

To deliver optimal value to our customers, NexJ leverages our vast experience in deploying our software at the most recognized financial services firms in the world, our strict focus on addressing the specific business needs of the sub-vertical markets within financial services and our fervent passion for innovation. But as a vendor of technology in a very competitive market, we cannot rest on our laurels…

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Hyper-Personalization Is Key to a Firm’s Success. Here’s How We Make It an Effortless Experience.

Many firms claim they offer a “Netflix” like approach to their clients, but do they have the tools in place to create a seamlessly personalized experience?

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At RBC, an Advisor's Success Starts with an Integrated Advisor Desktop

Recently, Investment Executive (IE) released their 2020 Brokerage Report Card in which RBC had the highest net promoter score of all the large bank-owned investment firms.  IE creates the report card by surveying advisors from each firm.  Why did RBC score so well? Because they provide the best tools to help advisors focus on client engagement and deal with rapidly changing regulations. In 2020, RBC scored the highest in the "Technology tools & advisors desktop" category.  They also scored highest for support in dealing with changing regulations.

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Invested Users Are The Key To Maximizing User Adoption: Part Three Of Our Series On Best Practices

How are you maximizing your CRM adoption initiatives?

In our last blog I discussed NexJ’s second set of three best practices for user adoption, and why Planning, Partnering, and Encouraging leadership are crucial steps in the process of engaging your users with your CRM. Today, I’d like to discuss the last three of the 9 best practices for user adoption, which are Engaging, Offering, and Measuring.

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Invested Users Are The Key To Maximizing User Adoption: Part Two Of Our Series On Best Practices

A high adoption rate is critical to the success of any CRM initiative.

In our last post, I discussed NexJ’s first three best practices of user adoption, and why developing, analysing, and aligning are crucial steps in the process of engaging your users with your CRM. Today, I’d like to discuss the next three of the 9 best practices for user adoption, which are Planning, Partnering, and Encouraging.

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NexJ Is The Only CRM On IBM Cloud For Financial Services. Here’s What That Means.

In 2019, NexJ chose the IBM Cloud to host its CRM and Nudge-AI products. Soon after, in July 2020, we became a founding partner on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services.

There are several reasons why this partnership makes for a strong value proposition, starting with the fact that financial services firms stand at the threshold of a post-pandemic world. They face challenges that can be better addressed by a vertical-specific product, coupled with a cloud offering designed to address requirements ranging from regulatory compliance and security to resiliency.

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Invested Users Are The Key To Maximizing User Adoption: Part One Of Our Series On Best Practices

Leverage your technology investment with a sound user adoption strategy.

It is possible to have extremely high quantitative results without having high user adoption because users can log into your CRM system without actually using it.

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Don’t use the same CRM they use for Hospitality! Use Financial Services CRM.

Amp your adoption rate with the right vertical-specific CRM

“Vertical CRM will be the preferred CRM Choice in the next three years”1

-Kate Leggett

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Here’s How The Client Onboarding Process Can Help Your Firm Turn Obligation Into Opportunity

What's your onboarding process?

Like every other interaction with business these days, customers expect client onboarding and new account opening to be fast, efficient, and easy. Traditionally, onboarding in financial services has been a paper-based process not known for its efficiency. We’ve all had an experience that went something like this: “I need to ask you some questions … Sorry, I need that information again to fill out another form … And another form … Now please sign here … and here … and here … Now, hang on while I get you a photocopy …”

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