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Everyone Promises Increased Productivity. The Question Is, Can They Deliver?

Who doesn’t want their team to work faster? And not just faster, but better as well? It’s what we all want. That’s why ‘increasing productivity’ is a key driver behind many a financial firms’ upgrades. It’s also the reason so many vendors promise productivity right from the onset. So, how do you sort out the fluff from the legitimate ones? 

The simple answer: do your research. Ask questions, and demand proof. Having said that, let’s give you some insight into how NexJ drives productivity for advisors. 

First, we deliver a single source of information and functionality in an integrated advisor desktop, so no more toggling through multiple systems to get work done. This is a huge time saver. The integrated advisor desktop is designed to reduce clicks and enable users to complete tasks faster. For example, it includes features like:


  • An intuitive view of customer information including profile data, relationships, accounts, interactions, and insights
  • actionable notifications that let users navigate directly to entity involved and performed required activities
  • relationship modelling that rolls account, interaction, and product data up along defined relationships and allows quick drill-down
  • Synchronization for Microsoft Exchange, which synchs tasks and schedules items on all Exchange-enabled devices to ensure users are always up-to-date whether they are checking their phone, tablet, or computer.


Next, we reduce the amount of admin work for users so they can focus on sales and service. As we’ve discussed previously in our blog, advisors spend nearly 40% of their day on administrative work. Back-office systems and CRM are automatically updated with new information collected during KYC reviews, for example, thus eliminating data entry. We also save time by automatically notifying the coverage team of any new call report allowing everyone to stay up to date.

We also use Artificial Intelligence to enable users to work smarter – to spend less time making more money. We even use AI to suggest other opportunities to engage pro-actively with clients. Our Nudge-AI suite of digital assistants leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to make intelligent investment recommendations, suggest next best actions, share relevant information and analyse data for insights to help advisors better engage and service their clients.

NexJ's Inform assistant, part of that suite, recommends exclusively licensed investor content that matches a client’s interests to build strong relationships with little effort from the advisor.

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