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Unusual Times Call For Solutions That Can Help Build Customer Trust

For those in Wealth Management, what has emerged is the acknowledgment that customer engagement is more critical than ever before. 

Advisors who understand their clients better, and then use this understanding to meet specific needs more effectively, are going to emerge from this unprecedented crisis in better shape than the rest.

Everyone has a different understanding of what customer engagement means, of course, but there is always a consensus on how this involves the building of trust between advisors and clients.

The Covid-19 Pandemic and Customer Engagement

The pandemic has created a genuine need for are solutions that allow advisors to interact with clients more efficiently, at a time when there are all kinds of questions or doubts, coupled with the constant potential for unnecessary risk-taking or making poor financial decisions. Clients who can rely upon their advisors will be more likely to trust and accept their advice, which will strengthen their relationship long after the crisis has faded.

Solutions that can help advisors must, first of all, enable them to re-assure clients pro-actively. Every client and household has specific concerns, which means a solution must also offer advisors an understanding of what these concerns may be, and how they affect each member of a client’s household.

Another important aspect of engagement is an advisor’s ability to track all key conversations and investment decisions, creating a more comprehensive picture of a client’s financial health, thereby enabling more efficient recommendations.

NexJ’s Applications For Continued Loyalty

NexJ has always believed that business is about relationships and places that principle at the heart of all its award-winning products. The solutions we offer advisors arm them with tools that help their clients have peace of mind and make better decisions.

We responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by coming up with a free trial of an application to help advisors pro-actively engage with customers. Here are some of the things our application helps advisors do:

Pro-actively re-assure clients: By keeping in touch with clients on a regular basis and sending them public news articles about their personal interests and concerns.

Understand the primary concerns of each client and household: By using householding to track each member of the household including their interests and concerns.

Track all key conversations and investment decisions: By using a journal to record all client activity and an interaction timeline to view recent events.

Benefits That Help Build Trust

Our free application offers these benefits:

Build loyalty and differentiate on client experience: It does this with the help of a powerful news and research recommendations tool that uses a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence engine and matches news to client profiles, delivering tailored content from more than 15,000 publishers.

Track client attributes specific to your business: Our application’s wealth management-specific profile enables advisors to track client attributes including Wealth Stage, Segmentation, Investor Qualification, and Risk Tolerance.

Manage complex relationships quickly: The application’s Householding feature enables advisors to manage relationships for multiple customers living at different addresses to understand and service their clients. This includes referrals, family relationships, related parties, companies, and ad-hoc relationships such as associations, or professional affiliations.

Create and share notes quickly: This feature improves collaboration between teams working from home. It also helps with compliance, demonstrating how advisors are acting in a client’s best interest while providing a record for monitoring and auditing.

Save time: An Outlook Add-in easily logs sent and received emails directly from Outlook, enabling advisors to work faster while ensuring complete client history.

To find out more about this application, how it can help your advisors enhance customer loyalty, or how these tools can yield benefits long after the pandemic has faded from public memory, why not take a look at our offer today? View offer here

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