Increasing Customer Trust

Unprecedented times call for improving customer engagement and trust. We present a CRM companion application that allows advisors to:

  • Proactively reassure clients
  • Understand primary concerns of each client and household
  • Track all key conversations and investment decisions

Unprecedented times call for improving customer engagement and trust.

In these unusual times, wealth management advisors who understand and engage with their clients best will emerge ahead of the pack. NexJ is proud to announce a free offering to help advisors pro-actively engage and connect better with clients.


Wealth Management CRM

Why NexJ’s Offer Can Keep Customers Engaged

  • Proactively reassure clients by keeping in touch with clients on a regular basis and sending them public news articles about their personal interests and concerns.
  • Understand the primary concerns of each client and household by using householding to track each member of the household including their interests and concerns.
  • Track all key conversations and investment decisions by using a journal to record all client activity and an interaction timeline to view recent events.
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Better Engagement For Continued Loyalty

With NexJ CRM for Wealth Management and Nudge-Ai: Inform, you get the tools you need to help your clients have peace of mind and make better decisions.


Wealth Management Specific Profile

Advisors will be able to track key client attributes specific to their business.


News and Research Recommendations

A powerful tool that helps advisors differentiate on client experience with Artificial Intelligence.



Advisors can manage complex relationships for multiple customers living at different addresses.



Advisors can quickly create and share notes related to all client interactions.


Outlook Add-in

Save time & ensure complete client history by logging sent & received emails directly from Outlook.


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Get the tools you need to help your clients have peace of mind and make better decisions.

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Offer FAQ

What does the product do?

We understand that the pandemic has changed the way firms like yours operate. The product is designed to help your advisors better engage with clients in an age where many people are working from home and avoiding face-to-face meetings.

The Customer Trust offer focuses on an advisor's ability to better communicate with their clients.

  • With Inform, a digital assistant, advisors can deliver news and information directly related to a client’s specific concerns.
  • Using the Household feature, an advisor can better understand the concerns of the client and their entire family.
  • Finally, the Profile feature captures client information including demographics and interests for all members of a household.
  • The Notes feature enables advisors to quickly capture interactions with their clients and then share them with team members working from home to better collaborate and improve customer service. Notes can also be retrieved to illustrate that your advisors are acting as a fiduciary and in the client’s best interest.
  • The Timeline feature gives everyone on the client team a view of the history of interactions.
  • The Outlook add-in saves an advisor's time by logging sent and received emails directly from Outlook.
Why are we offering a free trial?

These are uncertain times and firms are having to deal with a new set of operating restrictions. Firms need to implement tools to improve customer engagement while at the same time preserving cash and keeping operations lean. These realities are in conflict with one another, so we wanted to remove one of those obstructions and offer up our customer engagement tools for free.

What other firms are currently using this product?

This is a special packaging of our product to address current market needs. We introduced this package in mid-May and have experienced great interest. This package is a subset of the product we have deployed at firms like Wells Fargo, UBS, RBC, and others.

What happens at the end of the trial?

Once the trial has completed, we will seamlessly transition you to a paying subscriber. There will be no interruption of service and you can keep using the product as you were. In fact, you will have access to new functionality as we develop it.

Will there be any disruption of service when we become customers after the trial?

You will not experience any disruption at the end of the trial. We are committed to the long-term success of our clients. Firms that use our software invariably continue to use it for years. Wells Fargo, for example, has been a customer for more than a decade.

Does this replace an existing CRM?

No, this is a companion application that works side by side with your CRM. Often, CRM is designed to manage pipeline but not to encourage client engagement. With NexJ, you also have the ability to engage better with high-value clients as well as clients that are nervous about their investments during this trying time. Simply import the clients you wish into NexJ, then start pro-actively engaging with them.

How many clients can be added to the system?

There is virtually no limit to the number of clients you can add to the system.

How many articles can be sent a day, a week, a month?

There is no limit. You can send any number of articles to any number of clients.

Where is the data be stored?

We have partnered with IBM as our cloud service provider. We have designed our product to support the stringent needs of the wealth management market and its security concerns.

Is the data accessible for use outside the system?

Yes, you can export the data.

Can the product be integrated to any other tools?

We do offer integration services. Often times, firms leverage our integration capabilities to enhance the data in the system. This service is available outside the offer.

How long has NexJ been offering CRM to the wealth management industry?

NexJ has a long history in delivering CRM to the wealth management market. We have been recognized by leading industry experts such as Celent and Aite as the best CRM for wealth management. We have had customers on our product for more than 12 years.

What if I don’t want to use your product at the end of the trial?

We hope that you are able to gain significant benefit from the use of our product over the course of the trial. If, however, you do not wish to continue using NexJ CRM for Wealth Management, simply provide us notice at least 10 days before the end of the trial.