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Here’s Why Our Early Access Program Can Feel Like Christmas Has Come Early This Year

I know the first question that pops into many people’s heads when they hear about programs such as these is: ‘Why not wait until we find out more before signing up?’ That’s a valid question but, when it involves a CRM product from an 

award-winning vendor like NexJ Systems, it doesn’t apply. Here are a few questions that were asked of me by potential customers who liked what we proposed, but had yet to sign on that dotted line. If you like my responses, send me a Christmas card.

Do I really need Private Cloud CRM for Wealth Management?

Short answer: You don’t.

Longer answer: The benefits are undeniable for any firm that claims to take productivity seriously. Consider what happened to Salesforce a couple of weeks ago, when a massive outage blocked access to all instances of its software for affected organizations until it could isolate the affected ones. All its customers lost valuable working hours for what had, in reality, affected a smaller number of them.

The outage happened because one of the biggest problems with public cloud is that its servers are multi-tenant environments. Other companies’ data may be stored on the same server as one’s own, and processing power is also shared.

This is why NexJ Systems offers a powerful new Private Cloud CRM for Wealth Management. We believe this can help firms grow their business by increasing customer loyalty, drive efficiency by enhancing advisor productivity, and ultimately grow assets under management. We also offer a modern, mobile user experience to attract and retain advisors while fostering collaboration.

Why should I sign up for the Early Access Program?

Why shouldn’t you? If there’s one thing the Salesforce debacle taught a lot of customers, it’s the downside of relying upon the public cloud. Earlier this year, NexJ chose IBM Cloud Private to host its On Demand CRM for Wealth Management, leveraging a suite of services like IBM Cloud Log Analysis with Kibana, IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch, and IBM Cloud Object Storage for mass data storage, all orchestrated through IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and Istio.

What this allows our customers to do is securely streamline how they move and manage data across environments. It frees them up to spend more time focusing on driving new revenue streams. In short, they can now provide better experiences for customers. Why would anyone not want that?

What benefits can I gain from this product?

How about better security, for a start? Our product eliminates the possibility of data 'co-mingling,' and boosts reliability by using dedicated infrastructure to prevent any impact on performance sometimes associated with a shared services model. There are other key capabilities such as:

  • Comprehensive Customer View to consolidate all key customer information
  • Quick Notes for advisors to easily capture meeting and call notes
  • Householding to understand complex relationships and service entire households
  • Lead Management to identify the value of each lead and drive efficiencies in the sales process

This new, configurable offering has been built specifically for Wealth Management. It greatly reduces a firm’s time to market and demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best vertical market CRM.

We wanted to offer customers a product that incorporated out-of-the-box capabilities built upon our work with some of the most notable wealth management institutions in the world, including Wells Fargo, UBS, and RBC. We think we have pulled it off, and welcome you to try it until you can’t help but buy it.

When do I sign up and what do I get?

Applications for a free trial are now being accepted, and customers get immediate value starting with 3 months free use of the new product, free setup and additional benefits to qualified firms. Customers also receive a 15 % discount and 1-year term (reduced from 3 years) on conversion, cancelable within 30 days, along with 24/7 support. The program starts on June 1, 2019, and extends until September 30, 2019.

If the recent Salesforce outage has taught customers one thing, it’s that private cloud for CRM is always a better choice for those who value productivity. Beyond the application functionality, we believe deploying on a private cloud is the only choice for firms where data integrity and maximizing compliance requirements are of high priority.

Contact us to find out more, sign up for our Early Access Offer, and don’t bother waiting for Christmas.

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