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Efficient Management of the Financial Customer Lifecycle

The life of a financial advisor is a constant juggling act – and one where the balls in the air aren’t all of the same size, shape and weight. To be successful, an advisor needs to keep track of prospects, make new clients feel welcome and reassured, help existing clients navigate legal and regulatory hurdles, and help clients who are moving on to a new phase in life enjoy a seamless transition.

With the constant task-shifting and different needs at each stage in the customer lifecycle, it’s no wonder the sheer volume of these activities presents a significant drain on the productivity and efficiency of advisors and by extension their parent firms.

That’s where NexJ and our Integrated Advisor Desktop can make a transformative difference. Custom-built for the financial services industry, using processes tailored for leading global firms, the IAD and its artificial intelligence-powered modules help automate actions, elevate important tasks in an advisor’s queue, and make smart recommendations to steer advisors in the right direction.


How do needs vary by customer lifecycle, and how does an IAD help?

Each stage has its own needs and often uses different systems, but the true beauty of an IAD is the way it supports an advisor working with people at many stages. Because an IAD brings together all of these systems, and elevates the most important needs and actions in a single view, it helps an advisor stay on top of it all.


  • Pre-onboarding/prospects: Keeping track of multiple prospects and where they are in the sales funnel is a challenge, but critical. Having details about prospective clients and a history of conversations at an advisor’s fingertips can help advisors engage on a personal level and win more business.
  • Onboarding: Linking multiple systems – and where possible automating the transfer of data and/or allowing clients to enter their own information – reduces the amount of duplicative work, or worse manual copying and pasting of information, speeding and simplifying onboarding and reducing the chances for errors.
  • Transaction processing, compliance and legal: During a relationship with a client, an advisor will execute transactions. Each will need to be monitored, and all steps taken to ensure compliance and required reporting takes place. Automation helps ensure these important steps are taken, and the IAD lets an advisor see where each transaction stands and what actions need to be taken by the advisor or client to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Tiering clients: Also during the relationship, some clients will naturally be of greater significance to an advisor’s book. The IAD can be designed to elevate activity related to the highest-value clients and help advisors place extra attention where it will do the most good.
  • Offboarding: At the conclusion of a relationship, the IAD helps an advisor transition a client to the next phase of their financial life. The system keeps an advisor on track with reminders and nudges and ensures a clean handoff of assets, completion of all compliance and reporting activities, all with security and data integrity top of mind.

An advantage for firms, advisors and their clients

With the assistance provided by an Integrated Advisor Desktop, advisors are empowered with the tools and advice they need to support and guide their clients through the customer lifecycle.

When done properly, this is good for everyone involved:

  • Clients appreciate the personal attention, quick responses, and attention to detail their advisor can provide;
  • Advisors minimize time spent on repetitive tasks, application-shifting and operations, allowing them to operate more efficiently, spend more time with clients and rest easy with the assurance that nothing is missed;
  • Financial firms benefit from the enhanced experience of customers that builds the firm’s reputation, while also realizing improved margins thanks to more efficient advisors.

If you’d like to learn more about how NexJ’s Integrated Advisor Desktop and the AI Nudge Suite can help your business manage the customer lifecycle more efficiently, contact us today to book a no-obligation demo.

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