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AI, Chatbots, and Intelligent Customer Management : Video Primers

Interested in AI, Intelligent Customer Management, or Chatbots, but having a hard time unpacking what they all mean? Adam Edmonds, VP of Products at NexJ Systems, explains everything you need to know in this series of short videos.


AI and machine learning are hot topics in financial services these days but what are vendors really offering and how can they help your business? Watch as Adam Edmonds, describes the types of AI and machine learning we enable in our CRM and how they can help you improve your sales and service.


Artificial intelligence means different things to different people. At NexJ, we embed AI throughout our Intelligent Customer Management product suite to solve the problems faced by financial services companies and help them achieve their goals. What does that mean for Wealth Management?


Chatbots are transforming customer service but did you know they can also improve the user experience and drive productivity? Adam Edmonds, describes how NexJ is using chatbots and natural language processing to enable context-aware productivity improvements, provide virtual assistance for administrative tasks, and augment sales and service activities with intelligent recommendations.

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