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Looking Around - Seeing The Benefits of Our Approach To Enterprise Development

Sometimes when you step back you can really appreciate things that may have become routine. I did this recently with our enterprise-first development approach. As usual, we are busy adding capabilities to our products that will make our client’s solutions even more valuable and I’ve been almost too close to it. 

There is a lot going on. Some of the big items are: improved Service Request Management, more flexible deployment options with auto-scaling and self-healing of servers, a new generation of contract-based services as well as an updated REST/JSON/Swagger interface, and an entirely updated (and beautiful) user experience. This is a lot of change to manage!

And that’s where my appreciation for how we model our enterprise applications comes in. As I discussed in a previous post, our enterprise literate technology allows us to pack a lot into each update and I’m really happy to see us staying on track with our delivery timelines. With some of the improvements we’ve made to our continuous delivery capabilities, these updates are becoming even better with each release.

It’s the same approach we provide to our clients and partners to customize their solutions for integration and security so they see the same benefits. I’m excited about upcoming plans for updated training, documentation, and tooling that will make this even easier. It allows us all to move quickly with efficiency, maintainability, and control.

I really look forward to sharing some of our new features with you soon.

Until next time…

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