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Customer Exchange for Financial Services

Next week, I'll be flying to London, England, for the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services. The Exchange is a meeting of senior executives responsible for the design, development, and delivery of customer service strategies and solutions. Bringing together a range of exclusive experts from the Financial Services industry, this conference provides valuable information on current and future trends in customer experience.

This year, the conference is focused on the customer of the future and defining customer experience strategies. This includes changing regulations and compliance, and the uncertain post-Brexit situation, which presents both interesting opportunities and unique challenges. Additionally, this year's conference covers mapping out the ideal end-to-end journey and knowing what your customer is experiencing in real-time. We'll discuss how to think outside the box, the omnichannel experience, and strategies of the "new normal."

I'm particularly excited for one of the keynote presentations, "A New Partnership in Customer Experience," by Michael Donald of MBNA/Bank of America and Trevor Pereira of INTU Properties PLC. This presentation is part of the "Creating Millennial Moments" portion of the conference. I'm looking forward to seeing their take on how the expectations of millennials are shaping the future of customer experience.

Also, in the "Personalising an Anonymous World" portion of the conference, I'm excited for the "Making Customer Data Go Further For Your Business" presentation by Julia Sutton of HSBC. This presentation will discuss how data at HSBC is becoming digital, digital identities, and how HSBC is driving a change in the way customer data is being used to make interactions easier. At NexJ, the management and maintenance of data is a key priority. Ensuring that users have complete access to all available data is a key component of the NexJ strategy, and I look forward to learning from HSBC's experiences.

To anyone else heading to the Customer Experience Exchange next week, I'll see you there!

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