Here’s Why Wealth Managers Have More Challenges To Deal With Than Ever Before

How secure are wealth managers today? This simple, yet interesting question, can yield different answers depending upon when it is asked.

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Personalized Content Helps Wealth Managers Drive Engagement. Here’s How We Make It Easier

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of communication when it comes to the relationship between wealth managers and clients.

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Unusual Times Call For Solutions That Can Help Build Customer Trust

For those in Wealth Management, what has emerged is the acknowledgment that customer engagement is more critical than ever before. 

Advisors who understand their clients better, and then use this understanding to meet specific needs more effectively, are going to emerge from this unprecedented crisis in better shape than the rest.

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When It Comes To CRM, User Adoption Is Always A Challenge. Here's How One Of Our Biggest Clients Pulled It Off

You may have the best possible CRM solution on the market, a deep vertical award-winning software geared to meet your every need. What you will always struggle with is poor user adoption.

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Here’s Why Our Early Access Program Can Feel Like Christmas Has Come Early This Year

I know the first question that pops into many people’s heads when they hear about programs such as these is: ‘Why not wait until we find out more before signing up?’ That’s a valid question but, when it involves a CRM product from an 

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Salesforce Customers Could Have Had A Better Week If They Had Picked A Private Cloud Solution

We saw the complaints online, read the messages on Twitter, checked out memes that circulated all weekend, and thought long and hard about the massive outage that affected a whole lot of Salesforce users. There were conflicting reports at first but, apparently, the deployment of a database script inadvertently gave users broader access than intended. This is a polite way of saying there were serious issues related to security that affected a lot of paying customers.

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If You Get Data Migration Wrong, How Will You Get Your CRM Right?

Data migration involves a change in storage and database or application, which is what makes it a potentially complicated process. This is why we, at NexJ Systems, adopt industry best practices while managing migrations from legacy systems, using our extensive tooling and significant experience with client data encompassing a varying degree of size and scope.

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Smart Wealth Managers Service Households, Not Individuals. Here’s How Technology Helps

Wealth management is about trust. It is about giving an advisor control of your financial health and security and depending upon that advisor to make or recommend decisions that help you meet your financial goals. When we, as CRM vendors, focus on features that give our products an edge, we always focus on how specific features can help advisors build more trust. This is what makes relationship hierarchies so important.

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Don’t use the same CRM they use for Hospitality! Use Financial Services CRM

 “VerticalCRM will be the preferred CRM Choice in the next three years”1

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Vertical CRM: Because When Did One Size Ever Fit All?

Our CRM capabilities and features are targeted towards a specific set of users, job requirements, or departments within an organization.

How does NexJ do it?

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For The Record, Continuous Deployment Can Lead To Continuous Benefits!

It makes perfect sense here too, because a Continuous Delivery Pipeline is nothing but a set of steps that code changes must go through to make their way to production. This Pipeline has four elements — Continuous Exploration (CE), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment, and Release on Demand.

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NexJ’s Dynamic, Flexible, and Centralized Security Model

The increasing popularity of internet banking and mobile access are paired with increasing regulation and scrutiny. This means both more possibility for issues and more consequences when issues arise. NexJ enables firms to manage and protect information with a robust, centralized security model.

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