Wells Fargo Advisor Desktop:
Case Study

Wells Fargo advisors work with clients to understand their needs and life goals and then help them develop individual investment plans and investment portfolios that are easy to understand and monitor.

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Wells Fargo Advisor Desktop Case Study

What you will take away from this case study.

Wells Fargo Advisors is one of North America’s leading financial services firms, serving clients with more than 20,000 advisors.

After an extensive due diligence process comparing all the leading intelligent CRM vendors, Wells Fargo Advisors selected NexJ Systems to deliver on their vision. Wells Fargo Advisors selected NexJ CRM owing to its ability to seamlessl integrate with Wells Fargo’s fi nancial systems and 3rd party applications.

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Advisors have developed an increase in client confidence and trust through targeted client loyalty programs that drive relevant and proactive client interactions.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Facilitate merger of A.G. Edwards and Wells Fargo Advisors by migrating 10 years of A.G. Edwards data.

Integrate multiple existing platforms and systems into a common advisor platform.

Provide AI-powered CRM functionality to support advisors.

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The Solution

Integration to external systems and 3rd party applications, such as Wells Fargo’s custom security model, entitlements engine, operational data store, 3rd party customized advisor platform, batch email distribution system, in-house query, and reporting tool.

NexJ CRM deployed for 20,000+ advisors and other client representatives.

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The Solution
The Results

The Results

Increased advisor productivity resulting from NexJ’s wealth managment capabilities

Increased advisor satisfaction due to an easy to use integrated plaform

Increased client confi dence and trust through client loyalty programs

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