Using Intelligent CRM to Attract and Retain Advisors and Clients

Intelligent CRM provides organizations with a cost-effective and efficient method of leveraging enterprise client data stored in legacy and backoffice systems.

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What you will take away from this white paper.

This white paper discusses how intelligent CRM enables financial services organizations to:

  • Integrate disparate data and systems with CRM
  • Deliver integrated information seamlessly to the end user
  • Scale in accordance with evolving business needs
  • Provide a customized user interface that addresses the organization’s and the advisor’s unique needs
  • Add readily accessible, net new value to increase end user adoption
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Modern, successful CRM systems have flexible and extensible architectures that support broad industry standards.

Integrated CRM Drives Strategic Business Benefits

Fundamentally, intelligent CRM is about reaping what you sow. For the majority of organizations, a lack of client information is not the issue. Instead, the problem lies in bringing that information together and making effective use of it. The ability to combine detailed client profile and interaction information from an integrated CRM system with historical transactional information available in various legacy and back-office systems, creates immediate strategic value for large enterprises.

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All Integration is Not
Created Equal

To achieve a unified client view, next generation CRM products must integrate with all back office systems, data warehouses, operational data stores, legacy systems, relevant third party data sources, and service provider applications no matter how disparate they may be.

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Routing Referrals Appropriately
Ensuring a Consistent Customer Experience

NexJ Customer Relationship Management

NexJ Systems delivers intelligent CRM to financial services companies with sophisticated customization and integration requirements. NexJ CRM is the choice of four of the top seven global wealth management organizations. NexJ CRM is specifically designed to address complex information management problems, promote advisor and client loyalty, and drive revenues in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Key Companies who are Driving their Businesses
Forward via our CRM Products

Wells Fargo
Royal Bank of Canada
Credit Suisse
American Family Insurance
Emirates NBD
London Life Insurance

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