The Sales, Trading & Research
Division of a Global Bank

NexJ’s client is a Global Bank who provides financial services and products to corporations, governments, and institutions. They partner with their clients to help them achieve consistent, long-term performance while delivering commercial opportunities in both developing and developed markets.

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Wells Fargo Advisor Desktop Case Study

What you will take away from this case study.

The bank decided to migrate off their existing Siebel system. The Siebel system was at the end of its life, had no internal support or development, and hadn’t been upgraded since 2008.

The bank was looking for a modern CRM software that supported their UI standards, delivered best-of-breed CRM functionality, and made it easy for users to complete their work. They chose NexJ CRM because it was the only software that provided financial services CRM with a specific focus on sales, trading, & research.

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One of the key differentiators in choosing NexJ Systems is our single vendor approach. NexJ provides a vertical CRM software for the financial services industry, and we implement our own software.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Drive user adoption and improve the overall user experience

Integrate multiple components from their existing framework

Manage project complexity, cost, and data quality post-migration

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The Solution

Agile approach allows NexJ to implement features dynamically and respond to user feedback

NexJ CRM deployed and integrated with pre-existing systems / 3rd party applications

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The Solution
The Results

The Results

Delivered all enterprise knowledge about a client in a comprehensive client-centric view without the cost and complexity of data duplication

Increased user adoption by automating repetitive tasks, integrating existing components into a seamless desktop, and driving collaboration.

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Key Companies who are Driving their Businesses
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Wells Fargo
Royal Bank of Canada
Credit Suisse
American Family Insurance
Emirates NBD
London Life Insurance

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