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NexJ provides capabilities and integration points to capture leads from multiple sources, channels, and other lines of business, including personal referrals, events, contact center referrals, and purchased vendor lists, through a single centralized interface.

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Firms are seeking to maximize the value of each lead, drive efficiencies in the sales process, and leverage their existing client base for cross-firm and cross-product referrals.

Consistent lead capture and processing helps produce reliable metrics and KPIs that empower organizations to determine lead profitability by source, sales concept, segment, and more.

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NexJ Lead Management helps organizations achieve revenue targets by investing in the appropriate source and quality of leads and driving conversion through informed decisions and best practices.

Key Companies who are Driving their Businesses
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Wells Fargo
Royal Bank of Canada
Credit Suisse
American Family Insurance
Emirates NBD
London Life Insurance

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About NexJ Systems

Our award-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to help Wealth Management, Private Banking, Corporate and Commercial Banking, and Insurance firms revolutionize their business.

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NexJ Comprehensive Customer View

Financial services firms are under tremendous pressure from customers, investors, and regulatory bodies. They are expected to improve service, increase the client-base, maximize revenues, and comply with regulatory requirements.

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Process Management Services

NexJ’s Process Management Services are powered by SmartForms and Workflows, which enable effective and efficient Business Process Automation.

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