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Concierge service, also called luxury, platinum, premium, high-end, or superior service, is centered on the relationship between a private banker and their client.

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At NexJ, we truly believe that business is about relationships. There are few places where this is more evident than when delivering concierge service to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) in the Private Banking industry.

In this eGuide, we discuss how you can use NexJ CRM to provide personalized service, automate your business processes, stay advised of changes, and collaborate with your coworkers to deliver the best possible concierge service to your (U)HNWI clients.

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Embrace Efficiency

Embrace Efficiency

Our application provides process management capabilities that can allow you to quickly automate complex client-centric business processes.

hese processes can be integrated with existing systems and data stores to increase efficiency and productivity, improve the client’s experience, and reduce operational costs.

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Automating Processes

Our workflows and activity plans allows relationship managers to build their relationships with their clients by:

  • Increasing efficiency by reducing administrative tasks and offering more time to focus on the client’s needs
  • Taking the guesswork out of client processes and streamlining the collection of required information through dynamically branching forms
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Automating Processes
Leveraging Notifications

Leveraging Notifications

Our notifications allow relationship managers to manage their tasks and service touchpoints by:

  • Delivering notifications in real-time through the notifications inbox or other channels
  • Using run-time configurable business rules to detect events and deliver notifications
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Key Companies who are Driving their Businesses
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Wells Fargo
Royal Bank of Canada
Credit Suisse
American Family Insurance
Emirates NBD
London Life Insurance

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Business is about relationships!

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