Build or Buy? The Advantages of Going With an Established CRM Solution

It's a dilemma that occupies financial institutions often: the desire to build a CRM solution from the ground up or opt for an out-of-the-box solution that allows them to hit the ground running.

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Traditional wisdom dictates that building something is a great idea because it allows financial institutions to get something that meets their specific needs.

That view has shifted in recent years though, for all kinds of reasons starting with the fact that we now live in a world where Vertical CRM solutions exist.

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On average, large IT projects run 45% over budget and 7% overtime, while delivering 56% less value than predicted. Source: McKinsey & Company, 2012

Evolution is the Key

Evolution is the Key

To understand what CRM solution makes better sense, it always helps to take a step back and look at how CRM evolved. Early vendor-developed solutions did not cater to any specific market, because that is what made sense at the time.

It is only as practices changed — and as customers adapted and began to demand more — that the idea of Vertical CRM came into its own.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

CRM is a robust, mature software that gives financial services organizations three choices — Horizontal CRM, Lightweight Vertical CRM, and Deeply Vertical CRM.

Why should a financial services institution spend more than it needs to, deny itself access to the latest technology, and lose out on massive strides being made in the field of Artificial Intelligence-powered CRM solutions?

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One Size Does Not Fit All
The Argument For Building

The Argument For Building

One of the biggest reasons often cited by organizations that choose to build their own CRM is that out-of-the-box solutions come with inflated costs and are often difficult to implement.

Some financial institutions seem to believe that creating a streamlined, purpose-built CRM application is possible at a fraction of the cost that a cumbersome CRM software package will involve.

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