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As the leader of a Customer Experience/Customer Success departmen

10-Feb-2020 2:18:55 PM / by Sample HubSpot User

As the leader of a Customer Experience/Customer Success department, you get a lot of ‘You’re the guy who has to make sure that are customers happy’. While I like the idea of happy customers (Who doesn’t?), this is not how I would describe the job. A focus on an abstract sentiment like ‘happiness’ deflects attention from the more important challenge for a Customer Success Manager — making sure customers stay customers.

You can have extremely happy customers, who love everything you do, love what your brand stands for, and appreciate the kind of service they get from your department. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they will sign a renewal contract unless you can prove that the product is delivering the kind of value that they were expecting when they first brought you on board.

Here are some of the questions that I get asked most often. These are not just by people within my organization who are trying to understand what the Customer Success department does, but by customers themselves. I think it is important to drive clarity with the responses — not just about my role, but about what I believe is a philosophy that involves every aspect of a Customer-Centric organization.

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