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Financial Services Need To Take Compliance Seriously Because The Benefits Are Very Real

We empathize. Really, we do. We are an award-winning software company thanks to CRM products that help financial services organizations globally, which is why we empathize the minute ‘compliance’ is mentioned. 

In: Finance
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NexJ’s Dynamic, Flexible, and Centralized Security Model

The increasing popularity of internet banking and mobile access are paired with increasing regulation and scrutiny. This means both more possibility for issues and more consequences when issues arise. NexJ enables firms to manage and protect information with a robust, centralized security model.

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British Airways Just Learned A Lesson That Financial Institutions Figured Out A Long Time Ago

This is a question that increasingly occupies a lot of minds across industries. For financial service providers, it depends on not just how their customer data is stored and protected, but how it is processed and used on a day to day basis. 

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