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Client Onboarding: An Important Step in a Successful Journey

When users spend a great deal of time collecting onboarding data, the drain on a user’s time means they have less time to spend on revenue-generating activities. When data is housed solely in an onboarding solution, the information that can’t be shared between systems is lost for processes performed outside of the onboarding software.

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Beyond Sales Force Automation

Clients choose NexJ because they are looking for a highly integrated solution as a strategic investment in their business. Their primary goals typically include improving the customer experience and driving cross-sell and upsell. To accomplish these goals, commercial and corporate banks are looking for an integrated banker experience that uses an enterprise view of the customer to drive cross-system workflows and enable bankers to collaborate across channels, regions, and lines of business. 

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Client Onboarding: Turn Obligation Into Opportunity

Like every other interaction with business these days, customers expect client onboarding and new account opening to be fast, efficient, and easy. Traditionally, onboarding in financial services has been a paper-based process not known for its efficiency. We’ve all had an experience that went something like this: “I need to ask you some questions … 

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