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If You Want Your CRM To Fail, Just Make Integration An Afterthought

Here's an interesting piece of information that got lost in the hype surrounding Salesforce's biggest deal ever. Apparently, the acquisition of MuleSoft in March for $6.5 billion was met with skepticism by senior management, until they were gently informed by a financial services firm of the importance of connecting data that is stored in disparate systems.

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Not Getting Results? Stop Using Wealth Management CRM For Corporate And Commercial Banking.

 “Vertical CRM will be the preferred CRM Choice in the next three years”1

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Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment: What’s The Difference?

What’s it all mean?

Continuous Integration lets lots of people work on one project at the same time, while merging their work together in a central place regularly. This maintains the most recent version, so everyone is checking in or out only the latest code.

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Vertical CRM: Because When Did One Size Ever Fit All?

Our CRM capabilities and features are targeted towards a specific set of users, job requirements, or departments within an organization.

How does NexJ do it?

In: Insurance
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Are You Ready For Open Banking? Because You Really, Really Should Be

A lot of people have the misconception that getting banks to change is like pulling teeth. It's a misplaced analogy, first because banks really are more open to embracing emerging technologies than most people think, and second because the last time pulling teeth was painful was probably around 1846, when the first successful surgical procedure was performed with anesthesia.

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