Integrated Advisor Desktop

A hub that connects best-of-breed solutions delivering
a superior seamless user experience

Integrated Advisor Desktop

Most advisors would compare their experience of working with data to the act of juggling. They don’t have access to a consolidated view of their customers, are often saddled with tools and systems that don’t work together and are compelled to switch between applications while trying to service customers. Providing advisor tools and unified customer information in one place can make all the difference. NexJ’s Integrated Advisor Desktop allows advisors to create a single point of truth across company-wide sources and eliminates duplicate data entry while ensuring that context is passed between applications.

The Integrated Advisor Desktop acts as a hub that connects best-of-breed solutions delivering a superior seamless user experience that encourages adoption where other solutions notoriously fail. It contains all information about each client and household and integrates to other systems, allowing advisors to complete processes without logging into multiple applications and switching contexts.

NexJ has successfully implemented an Integrated Advisor Desktop at top-tier firms like Wells Fargo Advisors (19 integrated systems), RBC Wealth Management (15 integrated systems), and UBS (14 integrated systems). NexJ’s Integrated Desktop:

  • Integrates client data from multiple systems into a single view
  • Uses UI integration & Single Sign-On for a single user experience
  • Creates seamless business processes with context passing

The end result is a system that works for the advisors and assistants rather than forcing them to do extra work to serve their clients. In fact, RBC calculated that their solution saves their advisors a minimum of 2 hours per week, which they invest back into engaging with clients.

Key Differentiators

Superior Advisor Experience Improved Customer Service Faster Time-to
Designed for Your Business
  • Drive efficiency with recommended tasks and actions

  • Increase productivity with workflows across best-of-breed applications
  • Comprehensive client view including household and spheres of influence

  • Improve client team collaboration
  • Designed for Wealth management

  • Deployable on cloud or on-premise
  • Meet your specific business needs

  • Do not sacrifice requirements


Integrated Advisor Desktop



Features of the Integrated Advisor Desktop

Advisor Dashboard

Enable advisors to manage their day with information from across their book of business including all integrated systems such as portfolio management, financial planning, and book of record.

Client Dashboard

Service clients, households, and legal entities in an advisors’ book. Launch client processes, review client information and collaborate with internal team members and product specialists.

Engagement Dashboard

Improve client engagement with recommended actions based on a sophisticated, configurable algorithm. Automatically uncover additional insights such as life events, personal interests, and product opportunities from unstructured data such as emails and notes

Analytics and Reports

Create reports and dashboards using data from any integrated source to deliver meaningful insight into any activity or process.

Integration Platform

Deliver a superior user experience while keeping existing investments with a platform designed for both application and data integration including adapters, single sign-on, and content sharing.

Flexible Deployment

Extra secure and reliable because of single-tenant deployment on either public or private clouds. For complete control, choose an on-premise deployment on your own infrastructure.

Wealth Management Model

Developed with over two decades of industry experience, the model underpins all integrated sources, connections, and context. The model knits together all separate but related systems into a consistent, contextual experience. It covers all aspects of the client including people and legal entities, their roles and responsibilities, their KYC, and investment profile.




Happy customers utilizing the Integrated Advisor Desktop


Increased Adoption across multiple mergers and acquisitions


Attract new advisors with state of the art tools


Improve service with a
client-centric desktop

19 integrated systems

Financial Planning
Back Office

15 integrated systems

Portfolio Management
Back Office
Financial Planning
Trade Orders

14 integrated systems

Portfolio Management
Back Office
Account Management
Document Management


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